Winning in the federal marketplace is not a sprint. It’s a marathon that requires stamina. If you have a get rich quick scheme – you’re in the wrong business. If you win by promising the Government the moon, and fall short on your delivery, it will be your last contract. If you have both intellectual prowess and a moral compass –– you can win in the federal marketplace.

If you have that prowess but lack time or resources, that’s when you call the Thought Leadership Group – TLG. We create partnerships with contracting firms of all sizes who share in our passion to combine innovative solutions with ethical delivery. TLG serves as a moral compass to ensure contracts have squarely addressed the Government’s needs, and as a navigation tool to ensure you are pointing in the right direction in every phase of business procurement. We support busy federal contractors with appraisals, intelligence, straight-talk consultations, and the organization and “excellentization” of your documents, solutions, resources, pricing, and delivery.


TLG will assist recognized government contractors (whether small, medium or large) in good standing who have existing contract vehicles and NAICS designations for civilian federal agencies. If you are seeking to expand your vehicles or NAICS designations, please call us for a consultation about strategy and document submission.